Treetop Adventures at Heritage Farm


For 26 years, Heritage Farm in Huntington, West Virginia, has highlighted Appalachian heritage through tours, festivals, events and educational programming. Home to seven museums, Heritage Farm is West Virginia’s only Smithsonian affiliate.

“Since we began in 1996, Heritage Farm has celebrated the ingenuity and creativity of our Appalachian ancestors,” said executive director Audy Perry. “Our Appalachian ancestors were incredibly durable and physical people. In that spirit, we have introduced new adventure experiences for our guests.”

And what exciting experiences they are! Those that opened in 2021 include:

  • Red Tail Racers, a dual zipline course.
  • Mountain Top Drop, a free-fall experience.
  • Tree Rock Challenge, a multi-level challenge course suitable for all ages.
  • TalithaKoum, a four-story-high aerial adventure course built on the mountain overlooking the village.
  • Rock Climbing Wall, where you climb to your heart’s content.

“Our museums have heralded the amazing Appalachian pioneer who came through these mountains, overcame incredible challenges, and problem solved a way to thrive within these thick forests. Now, with the addition of the adventure park, we are allowing our visitors to face their own challenges and problem solve within those same mountain forests in new and exciting ways,” said Perry.

Even getting to the top of the mountain is an adventure as guests hop on the Holler Hauler, a chauffeured UTV that’s worth the price of admission itself.

Huntington resident Angelo Fioravante found the overall experience a great one to share with his new wife. “It’s exhilarating for sure!” he said excitedly. “We laughed all the way up as we bounced along. Then we arrived at the summit and were met with this awesome structure. It was a bit intimidating at first, but the guides quickly put us at ease as they strapped us into the harness. We felt very secure. The aerial activities will certainly get the adrenaline pumping,” Fioravante revealed, after conquering TalithaKoum.

The couple was also excited to see who would finish first on the Red Tail Racers zipline. “The trick,” he offered, “is to bunch up in a ball, center your gravity, and you’ll fly right by the other person.” 

This year will bring the opening of the Mountain Bike Park which will take visitors on a terrain-induced roller coaster experience that requires little pedaling or braking. Bikers will be driven to the top of the mountain via a chauffeured UTV ride and then set free to coast downhill through the beautiful Appalachian forest on trails of varying skill levels. Riders can go at their own pace over five different trails, each a little over a mile long. 

These additions join Treehouse Trek, which was added two years ago. Here, a series of canopy bridges 750 feet long, let you rise 60 feet high into the forest where you can convene with nature as you move from tree to tree. Offshoots of the bridges allow participants to exercise like the native wildlife, using ropes and planks to challenge every movement. The journey ends in an oversized treehouse where trekkers can relax as they take in nature and its inhabitants. 

Heritage Farm and the Mountain Bike Park will be open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays in May, and the rest of the Adventure Park will open on Memorial Day weekend. All attractions will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday in June, July and August. Reservations accepted. 

Visit for hours, pricing, reservations and requirements for each activity.


Heritage Farm 
3300 Harvey Road Huntington, WV