Home Away From Home


The Ashland area is now home to several Airbnb locations where local guests and those from afar can enjoy an escape while enjoying all the amenities of home. From beautiful, scenic locations, to high-rise modern style, these Airbnb’s have something for everyone.

River Time

Diamond Lewis and his wife Lisa have found a fantastic way to have fun together while meeting new people. The couple bought and remodeled what is now a sought-after Airbnb in the Ashland area.

“River Time” is located in downtown Russell, about five houses down from the majestic bridge that connects to Ironton. Consequently, there is an awesome view for customers to enjoy from the back yard.

“All you see is that big, beautiful bridge and the river,” Diamond Lewis said. “The back yard is a secure paradise, and that is the experience that keeps people coming back. The view is mesmerizing and soul-soothing.”

He said vacationers come from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago to escape the big city and take the opportunity to relax. His guests can watch the view from a 10x30 covered deck on the back and a hot tub that seats six people. A cozy sitting area along with an outdoor dining table near a fire pit makes for the perfect atmosphere.

During the summer months, Lewis said they install a cool-breeze mist that floats through the air to cool off the guests as they take in the breathtaking view.

“This layout is really cool and different,” he noted. “We’ve added a hallway and still have outdoor skylights so when you walk down the hallway you look at the window at the top – it’s breathtaking and very unique.”

This is one of many reasons his guests keep finding their way back to Russell.

“Most of our guests don’t know about the Ashland area, but most come back because of the view of the bridge and to escape the hustle and bustle of the city,” Lewis said. “They also find out there is a lot to do here, too. There is a lot of shopping and some great restaurants and bakeries. But they always seem to love the hot tub with a view.”

The Airbnb’s original frame goes back to the early railroad days when it housed yard workers. “It’s about 75-years-old,” Lewis said. “The feeling is just so cool, and we’ve been able to keep that nostalgic mood. You just have to see it to appreciate it.”

There is a two-night minimum.

Diamond and Lisa are Airbnb Super Hosts, which means they can be trusted with what they advertise.

Sky Loft on 10

There is nothing quite like a stunning view of a city from behind glass. The “Sky Loft on 10,” atop the Ashland Sky Tower in downtown, is a modern, state-of-the-art furnished loft with a spectacular view.

It’s located just blocks away from the Paramount Arts Center, Central Park, and the Ashland Town Center.

“This is just such a sleek design with a modern appeal and look,” said owner Jeff Lyons, who is also an Airbnb Super Host. “It used to be an office space and after I bought it, I gutted it into a loft. The view of the north side on the tenth floor is all windows, and you can see the river and the bridges.”

The loft features two beds, two baths, large screen TVs, and a 60-inch gas fireplace along with a wet bar that comes stocked for guests.

“Because of the windows and the natural light, you don’t feel stuffy at all,” Lyons added. “The majority of the perimeter is glass.” 

Lyons was introduced to the space by the previous owner who wanted him to invest.

“I was stunned about how great it looked or could be,” he added. “I had no intention to buy. But it really caught my eye because I loved the view from the top.” He bought it with a leap of faith that was inspired by family issues. His father was ill and passed away in 2020. His mother lives with him, and the income from the loft has covered his expenses.

“It’s much better than I ever planned,” he said. “This is just such a dazzling place with a magnificent view.”

The response has been amazing, Lyons added, and he said the loft stays occupied about 85 percent of the time.

The Luxury Cabin

If you want privacy, go no further than Donivan Waugh’s “The Luxury Cabin” in Catlettsburg. This furnished three-bedroom cabin sits on 13 acres and features a stocked pond full of blue gill, bass, and catfish. When you combine this with spectacular wildlife and a gas fireplace, you have all the makings of the perfect get-away.

The wrap-around porch is one feature that Waugh, who is also a Super Host, said is stunning. 

“It’s ten-feet on the front of the cabin and on the back, and the sides are four-feet so you can walk all around it,” Waugh said. “It is a private country cabin paradise. Where else can you walk outside and watch the deer, turkeys, birds and other critters?”

Inside, a balcony overlooks the downstairs. The cabin is cozy and large enough for a family or a few couples to enjoy.

“People come to this area constantly for weddings, funerals, sporting events, and to visit family,” Waugh said. “We just had a couple who booked us for their honeymoon. When I first thought about renting this as an Airbnb, everyone told me I was crazy. But look at it now. “

Waugh said the cabin stays busy about 90 percent of the time, even during the winter snow season. “Christmas is booked already,” he added. “My brother has a cabin down the road, and it stays booked, too. People love to come here and just relax.” 

Waugh said he has had guests come from all over the country as far as California, Nevada, and Canada. “They are just taken in by the beauty of nature in this cozy cabin.” 

His guests enjoy fishing from the dock, or they can walk out to the water and feed the fish. “They are huge,” he added. “It’s a catch-and-release policy.” 

The location is not too far from “civilization” and is perfect for those who don’t want to drive all the way to Tennessee. 

“In my opinion, this has it all,” Waugh said. “This was originally going to be my retirement home. It’s self-sufficient with comfortable beds, log-frame beds and a bunk house. People keep coming back for a reason. For some, they’ve been here three or four times. They just seem to love it.”