Surprise Sibling


To most people, the ding of an email can mean a lot of things. It can mean an offer for a free birthday ice cream or a job offer. When you’re adopted and have taken a DNA test, it can also mean a life changing email has arrived. That’s exactly what happened to me in 2017. I’d received a DNA test kit for Christmas but waited until February to take it. I knew I wanted to, but I also knew that it could be life changing. We’ve all read about people taking a DNA test and finding out they were adopted or that a parent wasn’t their parent. I was going into this knowing I was adopted, and whatever my results were going to be, they would change my life to some degree. I opened it to find my results were available. Now, I need to tell you, I’ve already met my birth mother and know my siblings on her side. So, the reason for the test was to find anyone on my birth father’s side or maybe even him. I clicked on the link and found a lot of cousins, but then I kept scrolling. Towards the top of the list was a man’s name that said, “This person is closer related to you than a first cousin.” My mind immediately started working. Not a first cousin? That would mean a brother, uncle, or father. I sat there for a while letting the information sink in and wondering what to do. There was an option to send this person a message. I am not shy. I never hesitate to talk to anyone, but this, this was going to be a life changing conversation. This man was something to me. He was family. He was blood. I finally typed a message. It was short and to the point. I hit send. I waited for seven days. I have ZERO patience, so you can imagine what seven days put me through. Finally, another email came through informing me that I had a message. I couldn’t click fast enough. It did occur to Surprise Sibling A STORY TO MAKE YOUR HEART SMILE me they may have been messaging to say they didn’t want to talk to me or know me. It had happened before, so the thought did enter my mind. However, the message said he’d be willing to talk to me. Of course, this meant I was about to unload my life story on this poor man. He messaged back that he was younger, which ruled out he was my birth father. After a call, we figured out we were in fact brother and sister. I had a brother! I’d always wanted one and was pretty darn excited. Especially since he wanted to be my brother. It’s been five years and we are still in each other’s lives. We’ve met in person and talked for hours. We are amazed at how much alike we are and how much we have in common. I’m so thankful to have him in my life as well as his lovely wife. I was able to find answers to questions and fill in some of the blanks of my past. I still get messages that I have matches, so who knows, I may have more siblings. I’m not saying everyone who is adopted should take a DNA test. Not everyone is going to have the ending I did. Believe me, the whole story of my adoption is anything but hearts and flowers, but I wanted to share my experience. It was worth it to me and I’m sure my brother would agree.