Puppy Love–Area Groomers Offer Something Unique for Everyone

Lori Jude

The Tri-State area is home to many pet grooming businesses offering a wide array of services. Listed here are a few of the most unique grooming services that will be sure to have you and your pet coming back for more.  

Introducing Groomo––a front-door, mobile dog grooming service that’s unique in design and one of a kind.

“Groomo was my covid brainchild,” said owner Chris Hutchinson.  Hutchinson, a well-known real-estate agent, said he realized during the pandemic that an at-home pet grooming service is a service he would want, and a service others would want, too. 

In the early stages, Hutchinson and his best friend and business partner Jared Weinfurtner sat down and collaborated on how they wanted to structure the business. “Jared has a deep background in computer engineering.  He is the one who created the app,” Hutchinson said.  “We wanted Groomo to be as automated as possible.”

The Groomo app is the primary way the business functions.  For those interested in booking an appointment, simply download the app, pick a date and a grooming package, and schedule the appointment!

The Van. You know Groomo has arrived when a big blue Mercedes van pulls in your driveway! According to Hutchinson, only a few companies nationwide produce these types of specialized vans. 

The van is equipped with a 50-gallon freshwater tank and a 50-gallon grey water tank.  It contains several vacuums, and the unit is climate controlled. The specialized bathing system uses less water but is a high-pressure hydro-massage, ensuring your pet a luxurious grooming experience. The unit has all types of insolation and is even equipped with speakers for an extra musical treat.

“The back of the van contains “the brain”,” Hutchinson said.  “Its engineering is unlike anything else.” 

Right now, Groomo only offers grooming services for dogs, but may offer cat grooming in the near future. To date, Groomo services are offered in Ashland, Greenup, Bellefonte, Russell, Raceland, Catlettsburg, Cannonsburg, Grayson, Chesapeake, Kenova, South Point, and Ironton. Hutchinson says he would eventually like to further expand services to further areas like Portsmouth, Huntington, and Charleston. 

“So far every experience we’ve encountered has been so positive,” Hutchison says. 

You can reach Groomo through the GROOMO app or by calling their main line at 1-833-473-8772. Inquirers may also find information on Facebook @ Groomo Mobile Pet Grooming.

Since December 2021, the doors to EarthWise Pet Ashland, Kentucky, have been open for business thanks to owner Marc Vonderheide.  They are located at the Ashland Town Center Mall, with their storefront positioned directly next to the Food Court Entrance. Having just passed their one-year anniversary, this locally owned franchise has made a fantastic impression on pet-parents all over the Tri-State area.  EarthWise groomers David and Makayla Waller and Skylar Kimball believe their array of unique grooming styles and their ability to pick up on animal energies help set them apart from other grooming businesses.

“We take our time on our animals so they’re comfortable,” Makayla Waller said.   “It’s meant to be a relaxing time for the dogs.”

“I’m a big believer in upfront grooming,” Kimball says. “We make the grooming process as accessible as we can by opening the windows that allow customers to see inside the groom salon.”

The grooming salon is equipped with three special tables, all designed to keep your pet comfortable and at ease during the grooming process.  Also inside the salon are two separate bathing areas, making the salon space large enough to accommodate multiple pets at the same time. All groomers are Safety Certified through the AKC, and each one has their own preferred grooming style.  Kimball likes the Asian fusion style, David Waller loves the blow-out grooms, and Makayla Waller gravitates toward show cuts. Regardless of preferred style, all groomers say their main goal is to make the pet and their owner happy. 

Right next to the grooming salon is the self-wash station, accessible for pet owners who choose to do their own bathing and grooming. The self-wash station is equipped with a bather box full of four different types of shampoos. From deodorizing and oatmeal shampoos to hypoallergenic and degreasing washes, there is something available for each pet’s skin type. It also has a large tub to accommodate all animal sizes, brushes and a large blow dryer.  With this unique grooming self-wash station, your pet is likely to be thrilled!

It’s not hard to see why EarthWise has received Pet Business Retailer of the Year two years in a row.  Just before entering the grooming salon and self-wash station is the sales floor.  This floor is dedicated to all holistic natural foods that are tested and approved by the AAFCO program. EarthWise is proud to say that 70% of their products cannot be purchased in big-box stores and all foods sold must have five stars on them.  The sales floor caters to 85% dog and 15% cat.  The supplements are all natural, and there is a great selection of raw food. 

“All employees that work on this side must be certified diet and nutritionist specialists,” said general manager Anthony Branham.    

Lastly, EarthWise partners with other local organizations like ARF and the Boyd County Animal Shelter in order to help adopt animals out into good homes. Folks interested in contacting EarthWise may call 606.777.7387 or find them on Facebook @ EarthWise Pet Ashland KY.

Bert’s Pet Shop has been in business since 1958.  Owners James and Keisha Wente took over the shop in 2018 when James’ father retired.

 “In 1971 my father purchased the shop from the original owner whose name was Beatrice or ‘Bert’ for short.” Wente says the name stuck and they’ve carried it through the years ever since.  The new Bert’s Pet Shop location on 480 Russell Plaza Drive was built in 2018––primarily to include grooming. 

“In addition to a full-service pet store, we are a full-service grooming salon,” Wente said.

Interested pet-parents may book online or request to schedule on the website. 

“We’ve built a great clientele and offer add-on services like hair color and cool designs such as zebra striping,” said Wente.  “Also, all animals receive a bandana and ribbon when they leave.”

“We are very open here and like for people to see our groomers at work,” Wente explained. “We are more than happy to keep the windows open so our groomers can be watched as they go through the process.”

When asked about specific clientele, Wente says they groom dogs, cats and even guinea pigs.

“Yvette is our full-time groomer and has been here two years,” Wente said. “Yvette was a vet tech prior and is skilled at working with all kinds of animals and temperaments. We are always open to working with new clients because we believe each animal to be unique.”

One thing that sets Bert’s grooming services apart from the competition is photography.  Wente says animal portraits are available with every groom and they do have themed backgrounds to choose from.  Photography apart from grooming is also available for a fee. 

Currently Bert’s Pet Shop has eleven employees who strive to make every interaction between the shop and pet owners special.      

To receive additional information or to schedule an appointment at Bert’s Pet Shop, inquirers may call 606.325.4205 or find them on Facebook @ Bert’s Pet Center.