KY Aesthetics & Wellness, Inc., and Kentucky Fast Care

Lori Jude

For Samantha Cleaver, owner of KY Aesthetics & Wellness, Inc., hard work and ambition are no stranger. At age 16, Cleaver found herself pregnant and in an abusive relationship. “Some family members tried to get me to have an abortion, but God gave me peace about it, and I knew He would take care of us,” Cleaver said. Her son Brayden was born in December of her senior year of high school. However, despite the circumstances, she decided to continue following her dreams of becoming a medical professional––even while living life as a single mom.
Cleaver stayed local and started her career as a nurse aide. Soon after, she became a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and then became a registered nurse (RN). From there, she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and then achieved her master’s degree as a nurse practitioner (NP). “I started my nurse practitioner career at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital, and after they closed, I branched out into the aesthetics industry,” said Cleaver.

For the last six years, Cleaver has dreamt of opening her own business but, earlier on, didn’t have the self-confidence she needed to do so. Then in September 2022, Cleaver took the plunge and opened her own corporation. Directly after the formation of her corporation, she put a business plan together and opened the doors to her new aesthetics studio called KY Aesthetics & Wellness, Inc. in May 2023.

KY Aesthetics & Wellness is located at 1452 Diederich Blvd Russell, and offers services such as Botox, fillers, Sculptra, general aesthetic facials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, medical grade skin care, IV hydration, hormone replacement therapy and weight loss management. Cleaver said she provides various services to clients, but quickly admits that weight loss management is her largest service. “I never intended to be a professional weight loss manager,
but this service specifically became deeply personal because every woman in my family from age 45 to 55 has died from cardiac disease.”

Cleaver herself experienced life changing results from using semaglutide injections to achieve her own healthy weight loss goals. Cleaver said her cardiologist recommended that she go on this medication because her labs were not good, and these injections are considered cardio-protective. Ultimately, she lost 83 pounds on this weight loss plan and has kept it off. “Cardiovascular disease is rampant in our area, yet patients are having tremendous success
using these injections. Their labs are returning to normal, they’re losing weight, and they’re protecting their hearts,” Cleaver said.

Currently, Cleaver also offers mobile IV hydration services. “We have a mobile camper van that we can bring to events such as concerts, ball games, parties, etc. Folks can rent or reserve the mobile hydration unit complete with nursing staff for such things,” said Cleaver. In addition to all the above, Cleaver had another clever vision which was to expand her business by adding urgent care services. This vision has now come to fruition. Kentucky Fast Care opened
for business in the fall of 2023 and is located at 1454 Diederich Blvd, right beside KY Aesthetics & Wellness. “My vision was to open a private pay urgent care service. Ideally, I wanted aesthetics in one part, and urgent care services in another part. That’s exactly what I’ve got now.”
Cleaver says private pay urgent care services serve an assortment of clientele. “For example, these types of services are great for small business owners that do not offer insurance or for people who have no health insurance,” said Cleaver. Urgent care services encompass minor complaints and illnesses, sports physicals, DOT physicals, and other services.

For a complete listing of services offered at Kentucky Fast Care, please visit or visit them on Facebook at Kentucky Fast Care.
To learn more about KY Aesthetics & Wellness, visit their Facebook page, IG, or contact them at (606)-923-6033 for a more complete list of services.