Blu Halo Boutique

Lori Jude

For Shawna Logan, proud owner of the one and only Blu Halo Boutique, hard work and consistency are the secret ingredients to a successful small business. 
In 2017, Logan stumbled on a company based in Utah, associated with a boutique outfit. Despite her limited knowledge of the boutique industry, Logan sensed an immediate draw. However, in order to work with this company, she had to become one of their representatives and purchase solely from them, making sure at all times to adhere to their guidelines. Undeterred, Logan embraced the opportunity, signed up as a representative, and launched Blu Halo out of her home. 

Her first sales event was held at her home in open house fashion on May 25, 2017. With just three racks and a small shoe collection, the event attracted a significant crowd, marking the beginning of Blu Halo's successful journey.
“I will never forget the people who showed up to my first event,” Logan said. “People were literally lined downstairs. This sales style was such a different concept, and no one at the time had anything like it. It was honestly a success from night one.” 

Logan’s commitment led her to various locations for pop-up events, even venturing into unconventional venues like right outside the doors of the former King’s Daughters Medical Center’s Obstetrics and Gynecology unit.
“I worked my butt off loading all that merchandise out of my car, hauling the clothing racks one-by-one up the elevators, and setting it all up so employees and patients alike could shop during their wait times.”

In January 2018, Logan sensed a growing dissonance with the Utah company she represented as its quality declined. Fortunately, the program's discontinuation in 
February of that same year liberated her to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. 
Embracing the digital realm, Logan formalized Blu Halo Boutique as an LLC in May 2018, navigated the intricacies of sole business management, and opened for herself.

At that point, Logan was operating from an improvised warehouse in the bonus room
above her garage, but that space quickly became too small as “the boxes were constantly lined from the floor to my ceiling,” according to Logan. 
As Blu Halo continued to flourish and succeed, Logan outgrew her bonus room, which forced her to relocate to a warehouse. The boutique quickly outgrew this location as well, and Logan then acquired a 4,000 square foot dedicated space where she and her employees currently work out of.

Though not in a conventional brick-n-mortar building, Blu Halo sets itself apart through 
innovative initiatives like fashion shows and through the development of an exclusive app that has become instrumental in its sales strategy. With an online presence boasting upwards of 17,000 app downloads and a thriving Facebook community of approximately 43,000 Facebook group members, Blu Halo's Thursday night releases, or “drops” as they call them, have become a staple event, showcasing brand new arrivals.
Despite the uncertainties that lie ahead, Logan remains resolute in her commitment to Blu Halo's continued growth.
“I love what I do, and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my team, my faithful customers and God.”

Visit Blu Halo Boutique on Facebook, shopbluhalo on Instagram, or download the Blu Halo Boutique app directly.