A Note from the Publisher

John Gallaher, Publisher

    Our region has a long and rich agricultural heritage. Anyone who drives our rural roads, visits one of our local farmers markets or attends a county fair can attest to that. Kentucky’s rolling green hills and pastoral countryside are what makes it the prettiest state in the country, in my opinion.
    This issue highlights and pays homage to our homegrown traditions that result in an abundance of locally cultivated food available for residents to enjoy. A trend toward more locally sourced, wholesome and sustainable foods is sweeping the country as Americans take a closer look at what they are eating, where it came from and how it was produced.
    Here in Appalachia, we have always stayed close to our roots, as this issue attests.  In addition to three different farmers markets, which have all grown in recent years and  now include more than just fresh produce, this issue looks at other local food trends, including the buzz about bees.
    To help inspire you to transform your farmers market finds into dishes for your family, our recipe writer Jane has developed a handful of original recipes using common summer vegetables and other readily available staples – like farm fresh eggs and honey.
    Among the farmers we feature in this issue are the Muncy family and their Mulberry Family Farm.  Casey Muncy is a young, highly educated farmer who has embraced the farm-to-table revolution and brought it to Boyd County.
    Then there is Keith Moore at Savage Farms. He began producing maple syrup several years ago but is a restless innovator. Moore wasn’t satisfied with just one product and set out to see what else he could do with the sweet sap. You can read all about his latest Kentucky–centric concoctions in this issue, too.  
    When it comes to fresh local vegetables, my personal favorites are a slice of a perfectly ripened homegrown tomato and crisp summer green beans - cooked with a bit of bacon fat from the hog we bought from Carter County farmer Merlin Heatwole, who is also featured in this issue.  
    In fact, when you’re done reading this issue, I’d encourage you to head out and fill your fridge with local foods. Your taste buds will thank you.