Q & A with Author Sheila Redling


Sheila Redling has been entertaining audiences for years – first as a morning show host on WKEE Radio and now as a best-selling author of nine novels of mind-bending mayhem. 

Q: What was a highlight of your time on the air? 
A: I loved our audience. They were very engaged and interactive. Taught me a lot about timing and storytelling. 

Q: What prompted you to change careers? 
A: I had always wanted to be a writer, but it was discovering nodules on my vocal cords that sped up my exit from radio. 

Q: Was it a difficult transition? 
A: It was scary leaving radio, because that was my career. But I had stumbled into radio so I thought why not stumble into something else? And now I’ve written nine novels since 2012. 

Q: Can you describe them and your process? 
A: The genres are thriller, sci-fi and urban fantasy. My process is different for every novel. Some pour out and some I have to drag out, kicking and screaming. My job is to show up and be ready to work. I start with an ordinary world and disrupt it. Then I see what happens.

Q: What has been a highlight with writing? 
A: The first time my book was in a public library. I’m a life long reader and when I was a kid, that’s where the real books were. 

Q: To whom do your books appeal? 
A: I think they cover a wide audience, but mostly for anyone who likes a fast-paced story and isn’t afraid when things get a little rough. 

Q: Any favorites in your work? 
A: I love them all for different reasons. Flowertown got me there as my first published work. Damocles was my biggest stretch. Baggage is my emotional favorite. 

Q: How do you keep your creative fires going? 
A: I like to scare myself and try new things. Lately, it’s been acting. Anything creative that isn’t writing really helps the writing. 

Q: Which book would make the best movie? 
A: I’ve thought about this a lot. Flowertown would be a great film. The Widow File and the entire Dani Britton series would be great television shows. 

Q: Would you care to share one of your life mottos? 
A: One of my favorites is “Why Not?” You know, why not write the book, take the trip, do the show? 

Q: Where can we find your books? 
A: The Red Caboose in downtown Huntington and Amazon carry all the titles. 

Q: Have you ever had a book banned? 
A: Recently, the Wayne County BOE banned my book Flowertown after it had been assigned for summer reading. I’d like to thank them for the subsequent spike in sales. 

Q: You teach as well? 
A: Throughout the year, I give a workshop titled “Back to Basics” for fiction writers at any level. I also co-host Intensive Genre Writers Weekends for genre writers who want to go to the next level. 

Q: Any advice for would be writers? 
A: Just write. You learn more from dragging one crap-tastic manuscript over the finish line than by starting and abandoning 1000 masterpieces.