Kitchen Roadtrip - Four Destination Recipes

Jane Wilt Whitworth

    Whenever I travel, I like to check out restaurants that serve local specialties and favorites. Those local dishes can cover the entire spectrum of foods, from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. Sometimes I leave underwhelmed, but often I find new favorites. I’d like to help you find a new favorite or two, also.
    We are going to travel to four different states, check out some local sandwiches, and never leave our kitchens! Remember, these aren’t necessarily “authentic to the region” recipes, but rather my spin on regional favorites.
    First, let’s visit western New York, the home of Buffalo chicken wings – and of Beef on Weck: rare, juicy roast beef piled on a Kummelweck roll, topped with a horseradish sauce, and served with a little au jus on the side.
    Next, we head to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and try out a “Yooper” Pastie (“Yooper” from “UP” for “Upper Peninsula.”) Like West Virginia’s pepperoni rolls, pasties were a hearty take along meal for miners many years ago. The pastie originated with Cornish miners and was then given a Finnish spin. Meat (minced or ground), vegetables, and seasonings are enclosed in pastry and baked.
    We now drop down to Iowa and check out a Loose Meat Sandwich. Think Sloppy Joe without the tomato-based sauce – just well-seasoned ground beef, cooked down to no sloppiness. It’s meat on a bun to top with condiments of choice and a challenge to eat without making a mess!
    Our final stop is New Orleans. Muffuletta is an Italian inspired sandwich with layers of olive salad, meats, and cheeses piled onto bread, which is then compressed to make it manageable. Inches thick, a slice or wedge is a hearty meal!
I hope you enjoy our summer travels and find good food along the way.